Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tyler is ready for his zoo trip today! RAAARRGGHHH Posted by Picasa

Trevor very happy to have me take his picture  Posted by Picasa

Sadie drinking (because she refused to let me take her picture normally) Posted by Picasa

Our sea lion enclosure has now become a penguin habitat. Kinda funny to watch these guys dart back and forth, over and under. Posted by Picasa

Big ol' elephant strolling along. Posted by Picasa

George, Sadie, Tyler and Trevor aboard the zoo blue train. Posted by Picasa

Family on train ride. Me, George, Sadie, Tyler and Trevor. Posted by Picasa

View of East Beach volleyball courts from the train ride next to the giraffe enclosure. George was playing ball just a few hours before. Nice. Posted by Picasa

Out of control rolling... Posted by Picasa

Sadie & Trevor conquering the rock Posted by Picasa

Lion sleeping. Little too close for my comfort. Posted by Picasa

Happy, deformed giraffe with the ocean in the background, Tyler in the foreground. Posted by Picasa

Here is a look out at the bird sanctuary from the poop covered deck. You can see the Santa Barbara hillside and mountains out to the left.  Posted by Picasa

Snow in Santa Barbara? I think not, more like bird poop from the avian sanctuary next to the zoo. It's like dodging bullets walking through this section of the zoo! Posted by Picasa

Trevor, Sadie & Tyler on a safari truck at the playground Posted by Picasa
I escorted Trevor's kindergarten class on a field trip to Art from Scrap and Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara last week. It was really very fun to see the kids create things from stuff we consider trash or junk with no use. They had a great time and it's amazing to see what scrap comes from local manufacturers.
The park was a great release of energy before getting back on the bus to go home. The class photo has to be one of my favorites of all times!

Trevor ready for his first field trip to Art from Scrap in downtown Santa Barbara. It's a great program that kids can see first hand how much trash we produce that could be used for other things, namely art projects for kindergartener's. Posted by Picasa

This is what you see when you walk into Art from Scrap. A lot of bins, did I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Posted by Picasa

Christmas is coming... Posted by Picasa

Wheel trimmings cut off of skateboard/rollerblade wheels Posted by Picasa

The classroom making their art from scrap. Posted by Picasa

Trevor cutting plastic wheel edging to decorate his creation. Posted by Picasa

Some of the bins of scrap the kids could choose from. Posted by Picasa

Trevor with his Art from Scrap creation, using an envelope, video tape ribbon, a cup lid, two sided tape and random stickers, bits and pieces. Posted by Picasa

Oh the slide. How they love the ramp slide! Face full of sand? What could possibly be better? (a little seaweed mixed in for Trevor's liking) Posted by Picasa

Trevor eating lunch next to Sebastian with his mohawk. Posted by Picasa