Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We had a great birth-day around here yesterday! Trevor woke up as happy as could be and immediately started planning for the day.
He did get to open one present in the morning to tide him over until the 'party' in the evening. A party at our house consists of all 5 family members & Tracy (who Trevor thinks should live with us, along with grandma & grandpa Sedgwick so we are one big family) plus a cake & presents. We don't do a whole lot of hoopla for birthdays with friends & big parties. Maybe when they are older but for now, we're not interested.
Trevor helped me make the cake & add sprinkles, yummy!

He also got a special treat after lunch, just because he's the birthday boy!

We spent the afternoon with Sadie and Tyler playing games, watching movies, anything to keep Trevors mind off the party & excitement to come.
Finally at 6pm we got to the presents and it was about time too! Trevor couldn't wait a minute longer!

We are on a bit of a Godzilla binge at my house right now. Who knew that little boys would love crazy japanese movies from the '60's so much?? Godzilla just died in the Mothra movie and Trevor is now crying on his way out to me. So sad...but onto more party pics from last night.

And then it was time for the cake, singing and a family movie Hoodwinked (sans Trevor, he wanted to watch Godzilla vs. Mothra alone in the playroom).

Happy Birthday to an awesome 5 year old, Trevor!!