Friday, December 16, 2005

Whew~ what a day! I just got home about 20 minutes ago, I left the house before 9am to start my trip preparation day. First Kmart for some new Dickies work pants for George, then home for a belt to wear with said pants & Trevors train that he forgot. Then the delivery of the pants to his lovely job site. Then to the post office to mail the last 2 Christmas gift boxes out. Then over for a cup of coffee & apple juice. Then to Costco for new tires on the car. Shopped for an hour and a half, it was more wandering around aimlessly than shopping, waiting for the car to be done. Finally finished over 2 hours later and off to Kmart again looking for the coolest Sylvania lights I keep seeing advertised but I can't find. They would be perfect for the back seat for the trip. I am sure I can find them somewhere in the next day. I just am not sure where to look if Kmart & the auto parts store don't have them I am not sure where to look. I am sure Target or Walmart would have them but I live in an evil town that won't allow such stores!
Then to the auto parts store to buy snow-tire-cables. I am crossing my fingers that we won't need them at any point on our trip but I can't be sure so I thought it smart to be prepared! THen finally home. Whew! Now I have to get the kids from school, come home & shower. Tracy is watching the kids tonight so George can take me on a Birthday Date. I know, tomorrow is my bday but tonight works better!
Whew! Deep breath! I am almost done with all this planning & will be SO ready to go! Tomorrow is our early Christmas & I am busting at the seams I am so excited!! WOOHOO!! Sweet, you all have a nice Friday! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

All finished with the Christmas prep & wrapping! Woohoo!!! Now I just have to have patience until Saturday afternoon when we do our pre-Christmas Christmas celebration before we leave on our trip early, early Sunday morning!
I am also crossing my fingers that I didn't hide any gifts anywhere really strange that I will find in January. If that is the case, like it is every year, then we'll not only have an early Christmas but an extended Christmas also!
Now I can move my focus to prep for the trip! Laundry, gathering and moderation of things for the kids to take. Deep breath, doing it all for 5 people is not a very fun job. The controlling side of me says that I must do it all or things will be forgotten. You know, no underwear, no socks. That kind of thing.
Knitting group is tonight & I am looking forward to that! My goal is to have worked my butt off today to earn a knitting getaway! I will admit I did go a little overboard on gifts for George but with almost having lost him this year I think he is worth hundreds of gifts! Okay, I didn't buy him hundreds, but there are dozens!
It is now time for a shower & laundry!
Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here we are a few years later, 1990 me-14, Christi-20 and Scott-11 Posted by Picasa

My dad and I in Ankara, Turkey on Christmas 1987 Posted by Picasa

Here we are a few years later, 1990 Posted by Picasa

Tracy, this one is just for you! No christmas here, just me & my legs!! Posted by Picasa

Sedgwick family Thanksgiving 1982 ( I could totally be wrong on the year). This is to give you some idea of all us cousins, aunts & uncles, grandma and grandpa Sedgwick and Great grandma Grow (all 3 have passed away now). When I post pictures from our upcoming Sedgwick Christmas Party you will all see the fun differences! Posted by Picasa

Here I am all ready for Christmas in my wreath! Posted by Picasa

Front to back, left to right, me, stacy, mom Lois, Scott, dad Alan, Christi and Cori with her hands on my shoulders. I love us! Posted by Picasa

Scott and I being Mary & Joseph. Notice the cockatoo up there, I was scared to death the whole time that he was going to land on my head & bite me!  Posted by Picasa

This is my family! Posted by Picasa

Scott and I all dressed up for some Christmas party, I would say 1981 or so. Posted by Picasa

This would be 1977 Christmas, Cori sitting next to me.  Posted by Picasa

Christmas Eve 1974, I came home in a stocking one week after being born. I was premature 2 months, look at how tiny! Left to right is Christi- almost 6, Stacy is holding me & she would have been 8, Cori's arm on the couch. It's a gorgeous couch too, don't you think? Posted by Picasa
Today I am thankful! I am thankful that God has seen fit to bless me with the parents that I have, the siblings that I have, my husband and his family and the friends that I have. There are things that happen in life that make you very aware of the blessings and lessons the people that surround you provide. I love Christmas, it is a season of love and giving, exactly what the teachings of Christ are. There is no more perfect time of year to act on those teachings, not just think of them. So in the spirit of love and nostalgia I bring you memories in photos.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wil playing GIJoe down the hallway. He is just the funniest guy! His laugh is so great I wish I could bottle it up! Posted by Picasa

Joel and Wil Jacks playing GIJoe Posted by Picasa

More of the kids Posted by Picasa

Tyler, Ray, Annika, Wil, Sadie & Trevor all eating dinner at the Jacks house Posted by Picasa

Drive up to Santa Ynez on Sat 12/10 Posted by Picasa

The Jacks ranch off of the 101 Posted by Picasa

Christmas party decorating as of 10am this morning. If you notice the floor is still thrashed and not vacuumed. Notice the cute ornaments hanging from the ceiling, I stole this idea from my sister in law Karen. It is so cute! The kids hung snowflakes all down the hall ceiling. My village would have been set up outside on the shelfs in the gondola/gazebo thing we have in the back yard. I don't know the official name of it. Anyways, now I don't need to worry about any of it! Yay! I can just vacuum & get back to Christmas preparation! Posted by Picasa
The party is cancelled for this evening so I am off the hook on hostessing duties! Yippee! I love the decorating but that is about as far as my joy of parties goes. I would love to have a housecleaner come, clean, leave. Then I could come right behind and decorate! Christmas is the best holiday to decorate for. You get all the holiday decorations; nativities, Santa, etc. Then there is the all the winter decorations. Holly & berries, ice & snow, wreaths. I love it! THen you mix it all together & you get an amazing blend of joy! I like to sit in my decorated living room with my family watching movies, eating popcorn, playing card games. I just don't want to share it all with a bunch of other people. If, and I do mean if, my house was bigger there is a slight possibility that I might enjoy it more. I won't know that until I live in a bigger house though will I?
So the party is off & I can stop with the ridiculous cleaning. Like dusting all the heater grates and baseboard. The tops of the bathroom cabinets that are up at 7feet that noone will see & it has only been maybe a month since I dusted. Bleaching every inch of the bathroom hoping that it won't show that I have 2 boys that don't pay attention at all when they are going #1, sometimes with the seat up and sometimes with the seat down.
Now I can focus on what I would really like to do, prepare for our trip! I am more excited about packing & getting the car ready than I am about wrapping gifts and preparing for our mini-Christmas on Saturday. I will admit that I keep forgetting that it's my birthday also. It will be fun even if I am turning twenty-eleven this year!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Wow, Sadie can really get up there! They performed the Brandon Bobcats song, a song from the musical Seussical and 2 songs from Singin' in the Rain. Great, be it ever so small, performance! Posted by Picasa

Sadie in the choir performance at the school district auction today 12/9/05 Posted by Picasa
Today was a fun day after school. Sadie performs in the school choir and today they had their first performance of the year. It was at the Goleta Union School District's annual craft auction & fair to raise money for the district's music program. It's amazing that we even have a music program left! Sadie thoroughly enjoys having the chance to sing! She is also in a french class once a week. That is a great experience also.
Sadie and Tyler both participate in twice weekly 'friendship groups'. The groups were set up by the school psychologist to mix special needs kids with 'normal', peer kids to help integrate them into regular classrooms and situations more fluidly.
Tyler is in as a special needs kid & Sadie does excellent with special needs kids, helping them with games, teaching them to share and proper ways to interact with other kids. It is a great program and they both enjoy their time in 'friendship group'.
On another note, the next week coming up to our Christmas vacation is going to be ridiculously busy. Tomorrow we are spending the afternoon/evening with George's sister Karen and her family up in Santa Ynez (no dad, it's not santa why-nez!). Sunday is a normal day, church then just relaxing. That means a lot of knitting for me! yay! Tuesday George has us volunteered to host a Christmas party for his male 'friendship group' that meets monthly. Okay, they don't call themselves a 'friendship group' but they do call themselves the SSS and they have monthly 'meetings'. The SSS stands for Scripture, Smoke and Scandal. They think they are so rebellious having a cigar & hanging out while they philosiphize over the hidden secrets in the scriptures! Funny boys! Back to the point, the party is Tuesday night and it's the group and their wives (or soon to be wives) here at my teeny, tiny house. I think it will be fun but I am just not happy with the timing and just hostessing a party in general. I don't do parties. I rarely partake in them & even more rarely host them. Laziness partly but also a lack of desire to entertain other people. I suppose you could say a good party would not take much work to keep people entertained but no matter what I don't enjoy it. So there you have it!
After the party that leaves me 3 days to our early Christmas here at home on the 17th (my bday) before we leave for American Fork, UT and St. Anthony, ID on Sunday morning, 4am. Washing, packing, wrapping, hiding, organizing. You name it, I have to do it. Not to mention send last minute packages out to other family members. That is even more wrapping, driving, standing in line, paying, grumbling under my breath at peoples lack of common sense, and generally just being a part of the holiday rush.
I really do enjoy the holidays. Christmas in particular. My birthday seems to be overlooked due to the closeness of christmas but that is just fine by me. My parents did an exceptional job of keeping the 2 separate! Thanks much!
So this very well may be the last time you hear from me while still here at home in sunny, warm Santa Barbara, CA. It's more likely that I will post from my parents house after Christmas with all the wonderful joy of Christmas pictures!
Enjoy your families and bask in the love of Christ in His season of joy!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Santa cruisin' down State St. Posted by Picasa

Not the best lighting but those are the SBHS Dons Lowriders with Dancers. Notice the dancers outfits, so SoCal. Posted by Picasa

What, is it snowing?? No, but Dennis Franz's face is under one of the splotches on my camera lens! He was the grand marshall of the Parade of Lights this year. Posted by Picasa

plugging their ears when the SBCounty Christmas Fire truck passed Posted by Picasa