Thursday, December 15, 2005

All finished with the Christmas prep & wrapping! Woohoo!!! Now I just have to have patience until Saturday afternoon when we do our pre-Christmas Christmas celebration before we leave on our trip early, early Sunday morning!
I am also crossing my fingers that I didn't hide any gifts anywhere really strange that I will find in January. If that is the case, like it is every year, then we'll not only have an early Christmas but an extended Christmas also!
Now I can move my focus to prep for the trip! Laundry, gathering and moderation of things for the kids to take. Deep breath, doing it all for 5 people is not a very fun job. The controlling side of me says that I must do it all or things will be forgotten. You know, no underwear, no socks. That kind of thing.
Knitting group is tonight & I am looking forward to that! My goal is to have worked my butt off today to earn a knitting getaway! I will admit I did go a little overboard on gifts for George but with almost having lost him this year I think he is worth hundreds of gifts! Okay, I didn't buy him hundreds, but there are dozens!
It is now time for a shower & laundry!
Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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