Friday, December 16, 2005

Whew~ what a day! I just got home about 20 minutes ago, I left the house before 9am to start my trip preparation day. First Kmart for some new Dickies work pants for George, then home for a belt to wear with said pants & Trevors train that he forgot. Then the delivery of the pants to his lovely job site. Then to the post office to mail the last 2 Christmas gift boxes out. Then over for a cup of coffee & apple juice. Then to Costco for new tires on the car. Shopped for an hour and a half, it was more wandering around aimlessly than shopping, waiting for the car to be done. Finally finished over 2 hours later and off to Kmart again looking for the coolest Sylvania lights I keep seeing advertised but I can't find. They would be perfect for the back seat for the trip. I am sure I can find them somewhere in the next day. I just am not sure where to look if Kmart & the auto parts store don't have them I am not sure where to look. I am sure Target or Walmart would have them but I live in an evil town that won't allow such stores!
Then to the auto parts store to buy snow-tire-cables. I am crossing my fingers that we won't need them at any point on our trip but I can't be sure so I thought it smart to be prepared! THen finally home. Whew! Now I have to get the kids from school, come home & shower. Tracy is watching the kids tonight so George can take me on a Birthday Date. I know, tomorrow is my bday but tonight works better!
Whew! Deep breath! I am almost done with all this planning & will be SO ready to go! Tomorrow is our early Christmas & I am busting at the seams I am so excited!! WOOHOO!! Sweet, you all have a nice Friday! Merry Christmas!

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