Monday, January 09, 2006

Home safe and sound! Now that we have been back for a week I feel like life is returning to normal. My house is a disaster after a weekend of sitting, knitting, ER trip for tonsilitis (Trevor got so bad I had to take him in to make sure there wasn't a puss filled sac on his left tonsil) and just being messy. Today is laundry, cleaning, more cleaning & more laundry!
Oh, and wasting all my time on the computer. Let's not forget that one!
I still have some random Christmas decorations up that just aren't taking themselves down for some reason! Actually, the real reason is that I am too lazy to get out the ladder & remove them. Also that means I have to reorganize the shed to get all the Christmas bins in an orderly fashion. I have this problem that I have to reorganize the shed anytime I put something back inside, so I then procrastinate & things pile up in the garage. George brought the work trailer home this weekend & got a lot of the tools and things of his out of the garage. Our goal is to somehow use the garage as living space. It is all drywalled with a clean concrete floor so our thought is to temporarily wall off the garage door, throw down some inexpensive carpet, move all the toys and a tv out there and have ourselves a family/play room. It will be a lot cheaper than moving to a bigger house! And give the kids room in their bedrooms to actually live in them instead of squeezing in & out.
I am going to get to a long post about the trip with pictures but I am waiting for my order of prints from snapfish before I venture into the hours that it will take to post them all. I will happily send a link to the snapfish albums to whomever would like them. Just email me & you can see the pics for yourself! Then if you want any specific prints you can order them! Amazing isn't it?
Have a great Monday everyone!

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