Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tyler through the back windoe Posted by Picasa

Trevor exiting the car after his photography extravaganza Posted by Picasa

picture 1 Posted by Picasa

picture 6- parked in the driveway Posted by Picasa

picture 4- turning into the driveway Posted by Picasa

picture 5- car passing as we turn in Posted by Picasa

Sadie & Tyler home from school Posted by Picasa

picture 3- almost home Posted by Picasa

Trevors self portrait Posted by Picasa
I thought I would share a pictorial of the ride home from school yesterday, Trevors view out of the back of the car. Of course they did not post in order like they should have. I am sure I can fix that if I try but I am not sure how so they will stay the way they are. How frustrating is that? Lame!

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's the little things that count! This is a chocolate mousse desert that was so rich you could only take a couple of bites, but man was it good! Posted by Picasa

They refurbished the castle for the 50th Celebration and it is amazing! They repainted & hung amazing fabrics and tapestries. The entire building and bridge is coated in some kind of acrylic resin to maintain the color and vibrancy. Um...have I mentioned I love Disneyland?? Posted by Picasa

California Adventure Bear Posted by Picasa

Castle at night Posted by Picasa

50th Celebration lamp post with Tink on top Posted by Picasa

Climbers on the Matterhorn Posted by Picasa

Clyde the gorgeous Norwegian Draft horse. He was a very impatient boy waiting to take the trolly down Main St. Posted by Picasa

Newly refurbished castle with Walt & Mickey Posted by Picasa

George & I in front of the Disneyland train station, with Mickey of course! Posted by Picasa
Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!!!
We had an amazing weekend at the Disneyland Resort. We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel for 3 days, 2 nights. The weather was perfect, in the mid 60's during the day and the 40's at night, just cold enough to wear a jacket & scarf to be comfortable.
Once we got all checked in we set off to the parks. We are pro's at this so it was pretty simple to have a good game plan to hit as many rides possible without lines or a ton of walking. I do think we traversed both parks multiple times a day anyways. Without the kids it was so easy to just go wherever we wanted, go on all the rides we don't get to go on together and eat what WE wanted. No Mickey shaped chicken nuggets on this trip!
George spoiled me by letting me have a shopping spree in Sephora while he followed me around holding my purchases. Sweet, wonderful, patient man! I knew there was a reason I kept him around for the last 10 years! ;o)I also got to buy pretty much whatever I wanted in any of the Disney stores too. I am much too frugal to be told I get whatever I want. He had to keep reminding me not to buy for the kids, just for myself. That is harder than it sounds! I did get a few things that made my heart flutter! For those of you that aren't Disney freaks, you won't appreciate them so I will spare the details.
All in all it was an amazing trip & Thank you for all of the happy anniversary wishes!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Home safe and sound! Now that we have been back for a week I feel like life is returning to normal. My house is a disaster after a weekend of sitting, knitting, ER trip for tonsilitis (Trevor got so bad I had to take him in to make sure there wasn't a puss filled sac on his left tonsil) and just being messy. Today is laundry, cleaning, more cleaning & more laundry!
Oh, and wasting all my time on the computer. Let's not forget that one!
I still have some random Christmas decorations up that just aren't taking themselves down for some reason! Actually, the real reason is that I am too lazy to get out the ladder & remove them. Also that means I have to reorganize the shed to get all the Christmas bins in an orderly fashion. I have this problem that I have to reorganize the shed anytime I put something back inside, so I then procrastinate & things pile up in the garage. George brought the work trailer home this weekend & got a lot of the tools and things of his out of the garage. Our goal is to somehow use the garage as living space. It is all drywalled with a clean concrete floor so our thought is to temporarily wall off the garage door, throw down some inexpensive carpet, move all the toys and a tv out there and have ourselves a family/play room. It will be a lot cheaper than moving to a bigger house! And give the kids room in their bedrooms to actually live in them instead of squeezing in & out.
I am going to get to a long post about the trip with pictures but I am waiting for my order of prints from snapfish before I venture into the hours that it will take to post them all. I will happily send a link to the snapfish albums to whomever would like them. Just email me & you can see the pics for yourself! Then if you want any specific prints you can order them! Amazing isn't it?
Have a great Monday everyone!