Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is where our family will post about all the happenings going on in our busy lives!
We had another website that came with our dsl service but it was way too complicated and really no fun to use. So I thought it was time to change.
I, Chauntel, will be doing about 99% of all the posts. Nobody else really cares that much to do it. But they are all glad that it's getting done. Okay, Trevor doesn't know or care. Tyler probably doesn't realize what it is. Sadie wants her own blog, not going to happen for an 8 year old. George thinks it is perfect that I want to do it because he will never be interested. There you have it! I am designated blogger in the Andreasen household.
I have my own knitting blog That is exactly all it is. A knitting blog. I was feeling the need to have somewhere separately that I could talk about non-fibre related topics. Such as politics, kids, life outside of yarn. So this is it! Yay!

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