Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The party is cancelled for this evening so I am off the hook on hostessing duties! Yippee! I love the decorating but that is about as far as my joy of parties goes. I would love to have a housecleaner come, clean, leave. Then I could come right behind and decorate! Christmas is the best holiday to decorate for. You get all the holiday decorations; nativities, Santa, etc. Then there is the all the winter decorations. Holly & berries, ice & snow, wreaths. I love it! THen you mix it all together & you get an amazing blend of joy! I like to sit in my decorated living room with my family watching movies, eating popcorn, playing card games. I just don't want to share it all with a bunch of other people. If, and I do mean if, my house was bigger there is a slight possibility that I might enjoy it more. I won't know that until I live in a bigger house though will I?
So the party is off & I can stop with the ridiculous cleaning. Like dusting all the heater grates and baseboard. The tops of the bathroom cabinets that are up at 7feet that noone will see & it has only been maybe a month since I dusted. Bleaching every inch of the bathroom hoping that it won't show that I have 2 boys that don't pay attention at all when they are going #1, sometimes with the seat up and sometimes with the seat down.
Now I can focus on what I would really like to do, prepare for our trip! I am more excited about packing & getting the car ready than I am about wrapping gifts and preparing for our mini-Christmas on Saturday. I will admit that I keep forgetting that it's my birthday also. It will be fun even if I am turning twenty-eleven this year!

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