Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Our trip to Idaho for Spring Break & Easter was a smashing success!

11 kids for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday

Standing on that snow we are a solid 3 feet above the grass. I could easily reach up to the top, second story, deck off to the left. After a few hours it got soft and if you tried to walk on it you fell in to your knees at least. Good thing we had our hunt before the sun hit the snow/ice pack!

Then Easter dinner on Sunday with Stacy & Christi's families at Mom & Dad's house. It was great!
The kids table is always a fun place for teenagers to sit, and even some of our college age grandkids ;o)
Mom and my sister Stacy's girls are just waiting for dinner to be served.
That is my sister Christi, pregnant & so cute, with her daughter Kennedi! I know, you can hardly even tell but there is a nice ball shaped belly under that sweater. And, they are having a girl! Let the pink & brown festivities begin! I love those 2 colors for baby girls.
Oh yeah, more pictures.

Mom was hoping we'd get a chance to go for a ride while I was there so she had her ferrier come over to trim the horses. I love horses. I am not sure many of you know that. When I was younger I rode dressage, English style and even did a little competition. Mom's horses are always so well trained and fun to ride, even if they are western.This picture of my Dad & I makes me very happy! There are a few more Tracy took in color and sepia but this one stood out the most. My family, we are a bunch of talkers so this one with both of us talking is very appropo.
Tracy brought 2 quilt tops with her to quilt on mom's machine. One was finished and ready to quilt, the other was close but never got finished. Mom had an 'ugly top' that she let Tracy learn to quilt on. It ended up coming home with me because I love it! She had a lot of fun of fun on that quilt top trying all kinds of different designs. She even incorporated all of our names into it.
Of course it made Tracy a little nervous to have any of us hanging over her shoulder whilst she quilted so we all just hung out downstairs with her.
Mom, George and Tyler all got cozy and relaxed the day away.
After Tracy got comfortable with the machine she decided she could tackle her quilt and finish it the way she wanted. It turned out more beautiful than I could have ever expected!

That is enough for tonight but tomorrow I promise many pictures of snowbound kids, dogs and other fun things. Good night!


Cori said...

It looks like you guys had a ball!! I absolutely LOVE the picture of you and dad. It's just perfect. Can't believe how deep the snow is. Did you get to ride? It's been a while since you have, hasn't it? What a great trip that must have been. I am going to have to figure out something to do for mom so she will make me a quilt...

The Frog said...


Welcome home.

Ali and Ross said...

Looks like a fabulous, relaxing time! So glad you were able to be with your family for a time :)

Anonymous said...

you could definitely have gotten a better picture of me.