Monday, December 29, 2008

Aw, boys

Aw, boys, originally uploaded by chauntelandreasen.

We have a lot of nephews on George's side of the family. This is just a few of them hanging out in Ray & Wilson's room. Aren't the beds suspended from the ceiling with a bridge between them fantastic?
My suggestion, don't walk smack into the bridge, you will see stars.

Trevor in front, Wilson small and to the left, Tyler is on the floor, Mick, Jack & Ray are up on the bridge and Hunter is standing behind Trevor.

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Bud and Cindy said...

This comment is for ALL of your Christmas posts. Great pictures! You kids are surely growing up!!! Love to you, George and the kids and here's to a great New Year (we say that every year, and there are at least a couple of events that make it so.)