Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jazzy our trial dog

Jazzy our trial dog, originally uploaded by chauntelandreasen.

Jazz is a French Waterdog, Barbet, 2.5 years old and 60-ish pounds (she needs to lose a little chub from her belly).

We decided now is a good time for a dog. Things have settled in with the kids, George's new job is going very well and I would like a companion during the day.
The kids know that she is here for just a few days so we can decide if she is the right dog for us.
So far we are pleased! She is opening up to us, wagging her tail more and being more interactive with the kids. That is a good sign!

Off leash at the park a few blocks from the house she interacted well with other dogs and was very friendly with people. Yesterday she would completely ignore all that called her name, except for George. She immediately reacts to him with a wag of the tail & tongue lolling.

This morning she happily greeted the kids & I. She was happy to follow me around the house while getting ready for school. We walked the kids to school and then walked around the neighborhood a bit so I could really get a gauge on how she does on leash with distractions like cats & other dogs.
Overall she did very well. She will need a different collar to help keep her beside/behind me. Other than that I don't have much to complain about!


Laura said...

Chauntel, she is beautiful! Sounds perfect for you guys and I even like her name! More pics please!

Chauntel said...

More pics after she is ours! I don't want to get myself in too deep & then have to let her go.