Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rose News
Today I walked in on a huge battle between Rose and Fuzzy. Fur flying, rolling around, flinging eachother in the air. It was awful. I managed to get over my shock, yell at them & then separate Rose from Fuzzy's back. Unfortunately Rose lost a tooth in the skirmish. Also unfortunately, Rose will have to go live somewhere else. He has never been the friendliest bunny but now he is downright agressive with all of us and Fuzzy. They have been bonded for over a year now & never had trouble like the past few weeks. At first I thought it was possibly having a new bunny in the house but other than a short introduction they have not been with Charlie. I think Rose is just not happy. SO, our goal is to make him happy! He'll take a trip to a happier place this evening after the kids get to say good bye to him. Here he is as a perfect baby bunny, January 2004!
Goodbye Rosevelt Rabbit!

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