Thursday, February 23, 2006

Disneyland here we come!
A bit of late planning and somehow my family, with Tracy in tow, and my parents are crashing Christi's family trip to Disneyland next month! We are only going for one day but by luck of chance mom & dad will be just a few hours away those same days & decided to meet us there! I am really looking forward to this small but exciting trip! The kids have no idea & we won't tell them until just a couple of days before. I, with my addiction to Dland, have wanted to do a big family trip there for years but until now the timing has never been right for any of my other family members to make the trip at the same time. Now it will be one of my sisters, my parents, my family & maybe, just maybe, my brother & this family. I haven't heard back from dad yet on whether or not Scott will be able to make the trip. Last minute and it's not that cheap. Luckily we can do the one day southern california tickets.
I am just so excited!! I have to get the stroller out, cleaned up and all prepped. This may call for a new pair of shoes too. If we get them all broken in now then there won't be any problems on the trip. Sadie of course will wear her Heely's and just roll around Disneyland. It is really too bad that Tyler has not figured out how to actually use his with the wheels in them. He likes the idea of them but just won't give it a good try.
Alison's wedding is June 4th. We have been friends since 7th grade, albeit off and on over the last 13 years since graduating from high school. But I am really pleased that she is happy and has found the perfect guy to marry. We aren't sure if we dare to the whole family on that trip or not. Only if Tracy wants to go visit her parents that same weekend and watch the kids just during the wedding. We would bring the kids to the reception. Don't know, there is a lot of time to decide what we want to do. It is a big wedding year! Tracy has 2 friends that are getting married this summer also. What to do for gifts is the big question! I guess I had better start looking through registries!

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