Monday, February 20, 2006

Charlie is the newest addition to our family!
Here he is (on the right) cuddling with Fuzzy.

They are working on being friends. Rose and Charlie, not so much. Charlie is an adult male (neutered) American lop, just like Rose. He is a gorgeous mix of browns and little spots of grey. He is a happy boy! Very friendly with the kids, he is happiest just roaming around the house. We are bunny proofed except for one hidden corner behind the entertainment center & that will have to be fixed! DOn't mind the dust, I had to squeeze my body back there to get this shot.

We rescued him from BUNS here in Santa Barbara. They have a great rescue operation for bunnies and take very good care of them. So we love Charlie!
Rose is going to become an outdoor bunny, he is losing weight since we moved him inside. He isn't nearly as happy indoors as Fuzzy and Charlie. With the wire cage out back and more exercise room for him it will be a good move. He didn't let the raccoons get him for the 7 months he was living out there before, I suppose he'll be fine this time!

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