Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today was haircut day in the Andreasen household. It was about dang time too! Tyler is very picky when it comes to his hairstyle so I was only allowed to cut the 'wings' off.
He insists that it is cool to have his bangs down in his eyes. He's only 7! He shouldn't have this many opinions on his hair! I tried hard not to let it become mullet like with the longer back & longer bangs. Whew, this boy is hard! It's taken me a week to talk him into the trim. I really thought I could get the bangs at the same time by some trick or bribing him but it wasn't in the cards today.
Trevor is just a wiggle worm that likes to squeal & scare the crap out of me. Not such a good thing with scissors in my hand! I was able to get all around his head.
Sadie was just a little trim, nothing exciting. We are working on the Ariel hairstyle. Her goal is to have it flow all around her like Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, under the water. She is getting to be so tall & gorgeous!
Yeah, so that was our day, haircuts!

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