Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am pretty sure that noone out there even checks in to read this anymore but here is a summer update!
Right now there is a bit of a heat wave. Nothing we can't handle just highs in the 80's with over 60% humidity. If we are lucky we are getting down to 64degrees with over 90% humidity at night. So much fun, I tell you! Needless to say there hasn't been much playing outside for the kids in the last few weeks. Tyler broke his arm swinging from a tree branch, he was trying to be a gorilla swinging from branch to branch. He's not a gorilla so much he found out.
Sadie has been hanging out with her friend Kim, they are stuck together like glue (as Kim's mom says). It's been fun to watch her grow up a bit & have a real girl friendship with all it's drama & fun.
Trevor is just the same. Trains & Godzilla are what his life revolve around.
George is working away, his health has much improved. He's lost some weight that the medications put on last year. He's feeling good & lookin' good too! Work is stressful but that is the way life is right? Unfortunately we did have to have some repairs done on his truck. We took a big financial hit on that one. The estimate was $400 and after all was said & done we forked out $1,6oo!! Not okay but they are honest mechanics so we know the repairs & costs were legitimate. Radiator repairs, replacement, whatever cost a pretty penny!
I am just here, doing the usual routine. Cleaning, laundry, knitting, reading, designing, bulletins at the church, cooking, pretty much standard stuff. Having the kids home this summer has not been nearly as traumatic as I expected. I do enjoy seeing how they are all getting along with things, how they work out problems on their own, make-up games and things to do when they are bored, just be good siblings. That is not the easiest thing to do & so far I think they are doing a smashing job this summer!
We spent the fourth of July on the beach in Santa Barbara, our usual place. Tracy joined us of course! It was a gorgeous day, not too hot with a little bit of a breeze to keep you cool.

You can see Tyler's broken arm, we did our best to keep it dry but it was bound to get wet in the ocean with waves slapping the plastic bag.

The kids had a lot of fun making sand sculptures

Being buried in the sand, not the broken arm just the body please!

Towards evening time it was too cool to go in the water so they got dried off and played in a fort made of driftwood.

The fireworks didn't start until after 9 so we had a while to just hang out in the cool of the evening on the beach. Notice Trevor trying to sneak some Oreo's, sneakysneaky kid.

This is the only shot you will see of me from this fourth of July!

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