Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sadie is 9!!
We had a great birthday on Tuesday the 22nd with Sadie Jane. We spent the day pretty much as a normal day until the afternoon. Then we picked up her friend Kim and went to Zodo's bowling alley.

They had so much fun bowling! It was Tyler & Trevor's first time so it was quite the experience!

Trevor figured it out after a demonstration from Tyler.

Sadie & Kim both had a lot of fun!

Once the game was done, look at these scores,

It is kind of hard to see them all so let me summarize. Sadie-104, Kim-89, Tyler-100 and Trevor-127!! Hello? YOu see those #'s? Are my kids natural born bowlers or what? Considering I have 3 bowling trophies in my keepsake chest, I suppose they come by it naturally. ;o)

My parents used to award me with a new Swatch watch whenever I bowled a game over 150. We lived in Ankara, Turkey at the time (cough.1986.cough) & any little thing to bribe us to be happy worked. I spent as many evenings & Saturdays at the Air Force Base with my horse or at the bowling alley working towards another Swatch. I ended up with 5 by the end of that summer & my parents had to cut off that bribe. They changed the winning game goal to 200 instead of 150. sigh. I only won one more Swatch that summer. So sad.

But back to Sadie's birthday!

We had presents (George took photos, don't blame me!) and cake!

We had a fantastic time! She is getting so tall, smart, opinionated and becoming quite the grown girl. I don't know how ready I am for this but she is ready & that is all that really matters I suppose.

We love you SadieJane!! Happy Birthday!

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Marieke said...

You have a beautiful family!