Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh, the annual jogathon. The kids had a great time, with all 3 running this year I was there from 8am-1:30pm. It was quite the day! They all did their personal best with 27 laps for Sadie, 35 laps for Tyler & 19 laps for Trevor.
The Santa Barbara Bagpipe Band started out the morning since they were running the day before St. Patty's day. It was a fun touch with the men in their plaids and sporan. I love the Scottish.

As you can see by the weather it was totally socked in with marine layer fog & 53 degrees. Kinda cold for us in SB.
First the Kindergartener's ran. And oh, did they run! Most of them didn't stop to walk, they just ran around & around for their 30 minutes. Unfortunately for you, all those pictures are on 35mm and I haven't had them developed yet. But I do have pics of Tyler & Sadie.
Here is Tyler coming in to be marked by Tammy, his full time aide.

In case you don't know, that is Tyler's ridiculously proud face. He has a strut to match it. Every round after getting marked he would strut off for the first few feet then run.

The classes made shields from different Irish areas (counties maybe?) for the event. Tyler's class was from Dublin (yes, I know it's a city I just know that other shields were not city names).

Sadie & Maya got out of class just for the purpose of cheering the 2nd & 3rd graders on. They did a good job & danced a bit in the process.

Sadie's class was too cool to show off their shield so their teacher walked the entire jogathon carrying it.

Notice how she has her fingers up signing 2, yeah she is pregnant so her laps get counted twice!

So here is the start of the race for the 4th grade, notice how they are all running? Yeah, that lasted about 2 laps then we had to chase them to get them to run!

Overall it was a great day, the school raised a bunch of money to support the aide's and the kids burned some calories!

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Ham said...

WOW! cool Sadie i wish i had a family web site. did you make it or did your mom make it? you have an awsome family. my friends in Costa Rica have a web site too but not as cool as yours.
love ya(as a sister and as a friend)
Hannah Morelos