Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have been told that I suck at keeping this blog up. Yup, you are right, I do. But since I have hopeful thinking that some people might drop by & actually read and/or comment I think I will start posting more family stuff. Starting with some camping pictures from our Sequoia trip.

You can see Sadie & Trevor playing in the small swimming hole right down the hill from our campsite. Luckily there was only one other family with kids swimming that we had to contend with.
There were a couple floating logs that the kids played chicken on. That water is snow melt runoff & it was freakin' freezing! Do kids care if it's cold? Not until they get out & complain.

George watching the kids (and secretly hoping for another sighting of the 2 year old bear that meanders around camp by day)

We did make a few hikes during our stay. The first hike we just followed the creek.

Sadie & Tyler patiently awaited the rest of us before we all took off.

Photos of the hike courtesy of Tracy, by the way.

We had a fantastic time, it was a well needed camping trip, real pine trees and the mountains!


Ali and Ross said...

I'm so glad you're updating this blog... I am an avid checker now & it's great to see you guys having so much fun!

Chauntel said...

I will do my best to post more of our activities here. It's a great way to actively share the family but not many read or comment so I forget to do it. But since you are so prolific with the comments I will have to post more!

Bud & Cindy said...

Thank you for your comment on our blog. I can't believe how big the kiddoes are getting. You have a very beautiful family. Our love to you, George and the munchkins. I'll keep checking on the blog. - Cindy

Chauntel said...

aaah, thanks Cindy! We sure do miss you guys!

Ali and Ross said...

Just don't embarrass me in front of my friends Mother!