Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beach days, what 75% of my days will consist of this summer.
First things first, Tyler & Sadie go straight to the water. Trev stays onshore most days.

Then they come onshore after boogie-boarding for a long time. Most days they stay in the water the whole time. This day, it was pretty cool out with a bit of a breeze, about 68degrees out. Summer here is not so hot until about August.
The kids call our beach the "Chauntel" beach because it's the beach that I always opt for. It's about a 2 minute drive from the house. If we all had bikes, we would ride. But since walking would be on a road with no shoulder or sidewalks, we drive. Plus, we take a lot of crap to the beach, who wants to carry it all further than we absolutely have to??
The beach is actually named Haskell's or Bacara, since the high falutin' Bacara Resort went in.
That's it right up there on the hill overlooking my beach. It's where the likes of George Clooney & Gwyneth Paltrow frequent. JLo & Ben were supposed to get married here at one point. It's a hot spot, really, can't you tell?
If I swing my camera the other way you will see how the resort has bribed the city to make the beach their own. An actual snack bar/bathroom/shower building. You can see the roof in the picture. We have to park in the Bacara parking and walk quite a ways instead of pulling up right on the other side of that building & parking within a stone's throw of the water. Whatever, it's still the closest & least occupied beach around here.
It's too rocky, tarry and seaweedy for most folks, but that is what makes it just right for us!


Ali and Ross said...

You must like the rocks & such because you're used to Nor-Cal beaches... the beach to me means cold, foggy cliffs with otters and harbor seals everywhere!

Leslie said...

What's a Santa Barbara beach without a little tar? I envy your summer days.

Cori said...

I like rocks on the beach, too... did we grow up in the same family? ;-) And I'm tellin' ya, we are gonna get out there soon and see you and go to the beach, and camping, and Disneyland, and what else?!?!

Ali and Ross said...

June 30th??? I declare too long since you posted here! You're fans are rabid & frothing at the mouth!