Monday, October 15, 2007

The boys needed hair cuts and after 2 weeks of dragging my feet I finally gave in. The stated style was, ' Just like Daddy's!'
Thus, short hair. Shorter than Trevor has had since he was under the age of 2. Shorter than I prefer. I don't feel it suits their personality until you see this requested styling (the real reason Trevor wanted it as short as Daddy's hair was for this style).

Here are all 3 kids on the couch in the playroom relaxing after a hard day of school.

That face you see on Sadie makes a regular appearance these days. I will give her this; she fell off her scooter so she does have a reason to be a bit grumpy, roadrash on her hip. I plan on doing a full on photo session with them soon. Especially since the haircuts and I am not shelling out $27 per kid for the crap school photos. That's the cheapest set you can purchase, $27 for a total of 8 photos including the class picture. I will spend $10 on the yearbook instead.

Blogger is about to do a scheduled outage so this is all for now, more pics to come I promise!

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tellen said...

Oh my. I must say, I do like the shorter hair on Tyler... The mohawk? I need to get used to that...